Web app FIFA 23

05 november 2023 Peter Mortensen


, also known as the FIFA 23 Companion App, is an online application developed by Electronic Arts (EA) that allows FIFA gamers to manage their Ultimate Team (UT) squads, participate in online market transactions, and engage in various other activities related to the popular football video game, FIFA 23. This comprehensive web app provides a convenient platform for players to enhance their gaming experience by accessing important features and functionalities outside of the main game.

A historical overview:


The web app FIFA has evolved significantly since its inception. Prior to the release of FIFA 12, EA introduced the concept of a web-based application that enabled gamers to access their UT squads from a computer. This revolutionized the FIFA gaming community, as it allowed players to trade, buy, and sell players and consumables from the comfort of their homes. This initial version was relatively limited in terms of features and had a basic user interface.

Over the years, EA has continuously improved and expanded the web app FIFA, incorporating new enhancements and functionalities to cater to the ever-growing demands of FIFA gamers. Through constant updates and refinements, the web app has become an integral part of the FIFA experience. It has evolved into a comprehensive platform that not only allows players to manage their squads but also provides valuable insights, statistics, and tools to enhance team-building strategies.

Key features of web app FIFA

1. Squad Management: The web app FIFA 23 enables players to create and manage their UT squads, including player selection, formation setting, and overall team management. This feature allows gamers to optimize their team’s performance and strategize for upcoming matches.

2. Market Transactions: One of the most significant features of the web app is the ability to engage in player and consumable trading in the online market. Players can buy and sell items, negotiate prices, and complete transactions to strengthen their squads.

3. Squad Building Challenges (SBCs): The web app introduces SBCs, which are engaging in-game challenges that require players to complete specific squad-building objectives to earn rewards. It provides an opportunity for gamers to test their team-building skills and earn valuable items for their squads.

4. Transfer Market: The transfer market feature allows players to scout for talented players from around the world and add them to their squads. It also enables gamers to monitor player prices, invest in potential profit-making opportunities, and engage in a dynamic economy within the FIFA community.

5. Companion Rewards: The web app FIFA 23 offers exclusive rewards and bonuses for active users, encouraging players to regularly engage with the app. These rewards can include packs, in-game currency, and other valuable items that enhance the gaming experience.

The significance of web app FIFA

For avid FIFA players, the web app FIFA 23 serves as a vital tool to stay connected with the game even when they are away from their consoles or PCs. It allows gamers to exert greater control over their UT squads, engage in strategic decision-making, and explore diverse gameplay features. The ability to manage and trade players, participate in SBCs, and track market trends empowers players to create a winning team and achieve their gameplay goals.

By integrating the web app FIFA 23 into their gaming routine, players can remain up-to-date with the latest happenings in the FIFA community. The app provides real-time updates, including player transfers, promotional events, and new content releases, ensuring that gamers are always aware of the evolving dynamics within the game. This enhances their overall experience and fosters a sense of engagement and immersion in the FIFA gaming ecosystem.

In summary, the web app FIFA 23 is a comprehensive and invaluable tool for FIFA enthusiasts. With its array of features, including squad management, market transactions, SBCs, transfer market functionalities, and companion rewards, the web app offers a seamless and enriching experience for players. Its continuous evolution and integration with the FIFA gaming ecosystem position it as an essential component for avid FIFA gamers looking to stay connected and thrive in the virtual world of football.


Hvad er nogle af de vigtigste funktioner i web app FIFA 23?

Web app FIFA 23 har flere nøglefunktioner. Det inkluderer squad management, market transactions, squad building challenges (SBCs), transfer market og companion rewards. Disse funktioner gør det muligt for spillerne at administrere deres hold, handle med spillere og forbrugsvarer, deltage i udfordringer og følge med i den dynamiske økonomi inden for FIFA-fællesskabet.

Hvad er web app FIFA 23?

Web app FIFA 23 er en online applikation udviklet af Electronic Arts (EA), der giver FIFA-spillere mulighed for at administrere deres Ultimate Team (UT) hold, deltage i online handelstransaktioner og engagere sig i forskellige andre aktiviteter relateret til FIFA 23.

Hvordan er web app FIFA 23 udviklet sig over tid?

Web app FIFA har udviklet sig betydeligt siden starten. Det blev introduceret før udgivelsen af FIFA 12 og tillod spillere at få adgang til deres UT-hold fra en computer. Gennem årene har EA kontinuerligt forbedret og udvidet web appen ved at tilføje nye funktioner og forbedre brugeroplevelsen.